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Inter-Faith Church Safety/Security and Intruder Response Training
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Thank you for visiting the base of “WorshipSafe™” church security planning software.

WorshipSafe is the first online safety/security planning software designed specifically for church leaders to assist them in educating, creating/coordinating, and implementing an effective and comprehensive plan for “Worshipping Faithfully in Uncertain Times!™”

Although we don’t like to think of violent incidents, criminal acts, severe weather events and natural disasters taking place at places of worship, as organization leaders we prepare for these events by “Praying for the Best, and Preparing for the Worst”. PREPARATION in advance is something we are biblically, ethically, and legally obligated to do.

The creators of WorshipSafe online church security software did so based on years of experience in educating and consulting with churches and schools on how to create a church security/safety plan as well as implement proven and effective strategies to address the critical areas of safety and security that are always present in the worship/educational environment. Some of these areas that WorshipSafe allows you to address as part of your church security/safety plan are as follows:

- Physical Security of Church Buildings & Facilities
- Intruder Response Protocols
- Lockdowns & Lockdown Failure Protocols
- Nursery/Sunday School Security/Safety Protocols
- Offering Protection – Collection, Counting & Tranportation
- Medical Emergency Planning & Response
- Pastoral/Platform Protection
- Usher, Greeter, Deacon/Elder, Parking & Reception
  Personnel Education & Protocols
- Liability & Risk Management


The question that sometimes comes up is “Should those that enter our church walls have a personal safety and security plan in place when they come to church?” The obvious answer to that question is “NO”, they should not be thinking about their safety or security when they come to our church. If those that come to our church are thinking about their safety and security they are not focusing on the core reason of why they came to our church . . . comfort, refuge and worship. It is our job as church leaders to maintain a safe and secure worship environment so that those that we serve do not have to think about those issues.

Using WorshipSafe is an intuitive, easy to use, step by step process that is a very comprehensive safety planning solution. Additionally it is very scalable in terms of available features and is designed to grow as your congregation grows. Whether your church serves a church family of 50 or a congregation of 50,000 WorshipSafe is the solution to achieving the goal of “Faithful Worship in Uncertain Times!”

Creating a comprehensive safety/security plan for your church is the first step in creating and maintaining a safe and secure worship and educational environment. Having a safety plan in writing will greatly enhance timely and effective response if safety and security responses are needed. In terms of liability reduction a written plan is very important is preventing a SUBJECTIVE judgment to your organization’s response. A review of your organization’s response to a given situation now allows you to refer to the written plan in comparison to the response to measure OBJECTIVELY if policies, protocols and guidelines were followed by responding personnel.